Who We Are

Police Fire Dive was assembled by a group of diverse instructors with disciplines that span all areas of Public Safety Diving and who actually currently work and dive in their areas of expertise.  


High-quality, real-world trained public safety teams will retain a better safety record whilst executing effective and successful public safety diving operations.

We realized that an agency’s choices of Public Safety Trainers were quite limited, to mostly that of recreational scuba instructors or the occasional Public Safety Instructor with some experience in a narrow field.  With that being said, we at Police Fire Dive decided you deserved better and knew we could deliver on that promise.  

Our instructors each have decades of experience in Public Safety Diving and are from Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, and Military/Federal Law Enforcement backgrounds.  

We are actively public safety diving in these fields on a regular basis, and that is why Police Fire Dive is your best choice for your public safety training, consultancy, and search and recovery requirements.

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