Mike Pizzio

PFDI Instructor Trainer

Mike Pizzio Headshot

Mike Pizzio is a retired FBI Special Agent and former Deputy U.S. Marshall.

First dive certified in 1976, he is an Instructor or Instructor Trainer for IANTD, TDI/SDI/ERDI, PADI and DAN to include public safety diving and closed circuit rebreather and trimix.

He was on a lifeguard search and recovery team in his teens, ran volunteer fire department and Emergency Management dive teams and was Senior Team Leader of the FBI Miami Underwater Search and Evidence Response Team.

Mike is a 100 Ton Master U.S. Coast Guard Captain- Upon Oceans, ran an undercover FBI yacht program , dive boat, and small vessel operator; an EMT, a firearms instructor and certified sniper, and currently a licensed Private Investigator focused primarily on diving death investigations.

Mike has experience in side scan sonar, magnetometer, and ROV operations, and in his free time enjoys shipwreck exploration and expeditionary work as a member of the Explorers Club, and some of these diving expeditions have been documented on History, Learning, and Nat Geo channels.