James Weber


Lt. James Weber started took his first breath underwater back in 1977. Learning to dive from his father, an MP in the Marine Corp., he dove all over NY, CT, RI, MA, NH and ME. All dives were done in a drysuit and low visibility, so PSD comes naturally.

 He is an instructor trainer for several different agencies and his disciplines include CCR, trimix and of course PSD.

 He currently works on a local FD and dives with the rescue and recovery team as their lead instructor.

 James has been teaching PSD for over 15 years and has a fun but very effective teaching style. Classes are enjoyable and custom tailored to your specific needs.


Joanne Rumbelow


Joanne Rumbelow recently retired from the West Palm Beach Police Department after 30 years in the law enforcement profession. Joanne spent the first 15 years as a Police Constable with the Toronto Police Service serving in primary response, detective bureau, plainclothes unit and warrants unit. She then relocated to southeast Florida where she served as a crime scene investigator with the Lake Worth Police Department, Miami Gardens Police Department and the West Palm Beach Police Department. 

Joanne has 25 years of scuba diving experience.

 Joanne is a certified Crime Scene Investigator with the International Association for Identification having achieved this rating in 2011. She was the first civilian and the first crime scene investigator assigned to the West Palm Beach Police Department Underwater Search and Recovery Unit. Joanne has extensive experience testifying in depositions and court regarding law enforcement and crime scene investigations. 

Joanne wrote and teaches the Underwater Forensic Ops  unique specialty course for ERDI. This course teaches public safety divers not normally tasked with crime scene investigations how to conduct one should it occur in a water or submerged environment. This includes the needed photographs, evidence markings, diagramming, chain of custody, courtroom testimony preparation etc. 

Joanne is an ERDI public safety instructor. 

Joanne is also a technical diver trained in extended range diving using mixed gases, rebreathers or open circuit double cylinders. She is able to do deep water investigations and recoveries. 

Joanne is also a PADI and SDI scuba instructor who also teaches numerous specialties courses for both these agencies.


Craig Davis


Craig has been a certified diver and avid since 1985, and is currently a SDI and ERDI Instructor Trainer as well as a certified instructor for ERDI, SDI, and PADI.

 Craig is a U.S. Army  veteran and is currently a Police Supervisor with over 20  years experience in law enforcement. Currently he oversees recovery, marine and dive operations, training, and instruction for his department. 

Craig is responsible for creating, maintaining, and establishing Standard Operational Procedures, training, applying for grants,  budgeting, and projections for his Department's Marine and Dive Operations.


Chris McKay


Lieutenant Chris McKay has more than twenty years in the Fire Rescue and Emergency Medical Services industry. Holding positions as a Paramedic, Firefighter, Flight Medic, Company Officer, and Battalion Chief, Chris has a strong background in Incident Command and Special Operations. 

In addition to in-house training at his department, where he has created customized Company Officer Leadership Training, Hazardous Materials Response Training, and Advanced Driver Engineer Training; Chris has been involved with training at the Local, State, and Federal levels and consistently strives to make classes relevant and interesting.   


Bryan Bures


Bryan Bures is a Driver/Engineer for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and an instructor for ERDI, TDI, SDI as well as PADI and SSI. 

Bryan started his diving career at a very young age and brings experience from many areas in the diving community such as open circuit,  technical, rebreather, cave, and public safety diving. A member of PBCFR dive team Bryan has experience diving in some of the most challenging conditions. As a military veteran serving aboard fast attack submarines Bryan brings a very unique approach to diving that few have. 

Aside from public safety diving, Bryan is also an EMS instructor certified to teach BLS healthcare provider,  advanced cardiac life support (ACLS),  pediatric advanced life support (PALS), and advanced airway for health care providers.


Mike Pizzio


Mike Pizzio is a retired FBI Special Agent and former Deputy US Marshal.


 First dive certified in 1976, he is an Instructor or Instructor Trainer for IANTD, TDI/SDI/ERDI, PADI and DAN to include public safety diving and closed circuit rebreather and trimix.  

He was on a lifeguard search and recovery team in his teens, ran volunteer fire department and Emergency Management dive teams and was Senior Team Leader of the FBI Miami Underwater Search and Evidence Response Team. 

 Mike is a 100 Ton Master US Coast Guard Captain - Upon Oceans, ran an undercover FBI yacht program, dive boat and small vessel operator, an EMT, a firearms instructor and certified sniper, and currently a licensed Private Investigator focused primarily on diving death investigations. 

 Mike has experience in side scan sonar, magnetometer, and ROV operations, and in his free time enjoys shipwreck exploration and expeditionary work as a member of the Explorers Club; some of these diving expeditions have been documented on History, Learning, and Nat Geo channels.